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About Shri Siddhi Vinayak Temple:

  • The idol of ganesh is 30 inches (2.6 FT), pure white, sitting on a lotus flower.
  • The main premises has been painted with the theme of sky.
  • The Idol of Ganesha is sitting on earth.
  • The concept has been that the lord is not only on the earth but also in the sky.
  • The main premises has been sculptured with various instances of the journey of Ganesha.
  • The vastu has been designed so that the sun rays to pass the idol of ganesha on the day of gude padwa
  • There are twenty one steps The height of the temple is 54 feet
  • The passage to ashtavinayak darshan is of 108 ft.
  • Beautiful elephant has been erected in the temple premises
  • There has been no use of cement and steel in building of the temple
  • With beautiful garden, lawn, sitting space, fountain, excellent electriication.
  • Organised various programmes
  • Around 8 years have been spent to build the temple vastu,
  • The lokarpan ceremony has been held on 28th December, 2012
  • Every Person has been provided an chance to build the Vastu by contributing single brick
  • All Festivals are celebrated


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